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prey to all

Trish Maguire is asked to act as legal consultant on a campaigning film about a possible miscarriage of justice. Deborah Gibbert is in prison for the murder of her elderly father. Everyone involved, even her mother, believes she did it, but Deb insists she's innocent.


The idea for this novel came to me as I lay sleepless in the bottom bunk of a two-person cell one night on A wing, in Brixton Prison. (We were there on a kind of sponsored sleepover to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Charities). The political background deals both with the routine mistreatment of the elderly by over-stretched health professionals and with the dislike and suspicion aroused by (even justifably) angry women.

Reviewers said

'Convincing and hard-hitting, [Cooper's novels] explore how ordinary people get caught up in appalling events.'

The Times

'Both bitter and believable.'

Sunday Telegraph

'Cooper cunningly weaves these plots together as [Prey to All] chases to its close in a stunning turnabout ending.'

Publishers Weekly

'Prey to All combines Cooper's own experience with ingenious imagination and makes an absorbing, gripping and eerie read.'

Birmingham Post



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