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out of the dark

Working on her first major commercial case, Trish is drawn into a world very different from her own when a small boy is run over in the dark just outside her flat. Digging to find out who he is and what he is running from, she soon discovers that greed and financial chicanery are not confined to the rich City fraudsters she deals with at work.


I was wandering around Trish's London one day, when I was struck by just how close immense wealth lies to serious deprivation in Southwark, the borough just south of the Thames, opposite the City, where she lives. This novel came out of my shock at the contrast between the two worlds – but also from a growing understanding of the links between them.

Reviewers said

'Natasha Cooper brings a keen emotional intelligence to bear on the dark side of contemporary life.'

Val McDermid

'Cooper at her considerable best; aficionados need not hesitate... her skills in this kind of material remain non-pareil.

Crime Time

'Rattles along at an exhilarating clip, with several thrilling plot twists.'

Sunday Tribune

'Dark and compelling, with mesmerizing plots twists, a compassionate but tough-minded heroine, and a surprise ending.' 


'A suspenseful, literate outing.'




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