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keep me alive

Trish Maguire is removed from her usual clean metropolitan life when she is introduced to the mud and blood of the meat industry.


I wanted to write about crimes within the world of food production because food has always been one of my passions – and something I've found threatening. What with all the scares about carcinogenic additives, as well as the natural hazards of campylobacter, salmonella and E.coli 0157, food sometimes seems the most dangerous thing most of us will ever face. As one of my main sources said while I was researching this novel, 'there are some very dodgy characters in the meat industry'. You can pick up a nice-looking, cleanly packaged piece of meat in a thoroughly respectable shop and have no idea where it's been, who's had their hands on it, and what nasties it may contain. It seemed the ideal background for a crime novel.

Reviewers said

'One of Natasha Cooper's best books. Trish Maguire is on top form, both in court and outside...confirms her as the lawyer you'd want on your side.'

Sunday Telegraph

'Cooper negotiates these mean streets with an unnerving shrewdness. But where Chandler armoured himself with cynicism, she has a compassionate eye for what makes weak or violent people get that way.'

Crime Time



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