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gagged & bound

Three women are being silenced:  a biographer alleging that a powerful politician was once involved in terrorism is being sued for libel;  a police officer trying to blow the whistle on a corrupt colleague is under threat of ostracism and worse;  and a beautiful young model hoping to free herself from the clutches of organised criminals goes in fear of her life.


Gagged & Bound came out of some of my own deepest fears. I've always dreaded suffocation since a ghastly episode at the dentist's when I was six, and I've been almost equally terrified of causing damage by saying too much.

As I was researching aspects of this novel, I was shocked to discover how much the police know about organised crime and the criminals involved and how little they can do about it. Quite often they know exactly who is guilty of which appalling crimes but are unable to get evidence that would be acceptable to the court.

Reviewers said

'A fascinating study of power, corruption and coercion.'


'Natasha Cooper is something of a hidden pleasure in the UK...a devious plotter... her strength is creating believable characters.'


'Trish Maguire is a compelling figure in contemporary crime, and Ms Cooper is a real challenge to Ruth Rendell and Minette Walters. The multi-strands of this new story expose the dangers of lies, libel and larceny.' 

Peterborough Evening News



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