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creeping ivy

Introducing Trish Maguire, a junior barrister on sabbatical, as she becomes involved in a case of child abduction.


I was impelled to write this novel by shock at the excesses of some well-meaning professionals in the 1990s, who saw child abuse everywhere and took any denial by the apparent victims as just one more 'proof' that abuse had occurred. The damage done to the children was brought home to me in a recent documentary, in which one of the now-adult victims of professional zeal, who had been taken away from his family, said on camera 'we had no way of proving we were innocent'. That any child who was thought to be the victim of abuse should have been made to feel he had to prove his innocence still makes me weep with rage.

I thought then and I think still that there are many kinds of abuse and only some are physical.

Reviewers said

'A tense and eerily topical study of vulnerability and pain'


'A perceptive and pessimistic look at modern family relationships and a critique of the criminal justice system'

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